TRX Suspension Training

July 19, 2012 11:39 pm

TRX Suspension TrainingTRX Suspension Training is unlike any other kind of training equipment. It takes you away from the machines and dumbbells that so often cause injuries or make working out boring and flat.

TRX Suspension Training allows people of all different fitness levels to experience a functional workout that trains virtually all angles and planes of motion that are missed by most gym machines. It allows you to make your body your machine with out adding unnecessary bulk but still yielding improved performance and durability.

The functional training delivered by the TRX can not be found any where else. Rarely in life do you perform any task that requires the isolation of strictly one body part, and yet people continually train in such manner. Break away from the norm and experience a new, fresh, and most importantly exciting way to train, with TRX Suspension Training and MAKE YOUR BODY YOUR MACHINE!!

Experience it all at Strategic Combat Academy.